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A mix between "Intellectual" and "sex". Meaning someone who is very knowledgeable about sex.
Guy #1: I had so much fun with Stacey last night. She's so intesexual.
Guy #2: I'm so jealous, Lauren is a blonde, I had to explain what a condom was to her last night!
by Mac_&_Cheese July 21, 2011
When your dorm roommate hooks up with someone, and they kick you out so they can have sex in privacy.
Jane: Hey Laura, can I sleep in your room tonight? I got sexiled.

Laura: Sure, no problem.
by Mac_&_Cheese July 21, 2011
1. N - a man who buys and sells prostitutes.
2. N - Someone who is cool or has swag.
3. Adj - Meaning "awesome"
1. I hear that a pimp got arrested yesterday
2. Psh, I'm a pimp!
3. Dude, that's pimp! or Dude, that's pimpin'!
by Mac_&_Cheese July 21, 2011
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