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Gay: When two (or more) men put their anuses tightly together and shit like theres no tomorrow.
Straight: When a guy shits in a womans pussy.
Gay: Ohh arghh! This is excellent poop sex. More, more poop in my anus!
Straight: Oh no, your poo is over flowing from my vagina!
by MacW November 19, 2003
one who fiddles with anuses, creating a musical toot.
Im an anus fiddler, may i fiddle with your anus?
by MacW October 24, 2003
Balls so hairy that they are not visible to the naked eye.
Holy crap! My dads got mumple frumps!
by MacW October 22, 2003
When Gorden puts his lips around Stevens penis and says mmmmm...Thats good
Mmmmm....Thats good
by MacW October 28, 2003

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