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An upper middle class town located in the center of Nassau County, Long Island and known for its, Conservative, Roman-Catholic population. Students at GCHS are known for their work-hard, party-harder mentality, with many getting good grades, being sick at some sport, and then throwing down hard on the weekends. Many sport the preppy look, however their is a growing minority of skaters, goths, and emo kids who stick with each other, but generally everyone gets along pretty nicely. Some live in multi-million dollar plus homes (such as those on the Garden City Golf Club (snob hill), Stewart Avenue, and some in the Estates and Mott) but most live in normal sized 500,000 to million dollar homes on the East Side near Country Life, in the Esates, or in the mott.) Many of the adults are wall street traders, brokers, lawyers, business owners, or doctors. Kids tend to throw down either at a house party or in random outdoor locations. The smart kids and great athletes of gchs tend to end up at Ivy League or similar institutions (Georgetown, Boston College, Notre Dame, NYU, UVA, Lehigh, Bucknell, Loyola, Trinity, Colby, Bowdoin, Haverford, etc.) Other popular choices include Villanova, Fairfield University, and Fordham University. Some at GCHS are stuck up and can be mean but most tend to be pretty laid back and chill. The language of Garden City includes words such as 'shwag' and 'sketchy.' Most athletic recruits are from lax or field hockey, which produce many state championships for the school. Many go on to have jobs similar to their parents, such as Wall Street Jobs and law jobs, but some may deviate from the norm. Overall, GC residents agree that it is a good place to grow up and live.
GC KID: Dude Friday at O'McCallagans was so shwag, i dont remember what happened but I think i hooked up with that sketch field hockey chick and i woke up on McShannahans front lawnn with no clothes and McDooligans longstick.

NON GC KID: That kid's so dumb, how is he going to Princeton.
Kid # 2: Because hes from Garden City.

by MacMillan January 08, 2006

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