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2 definitions by MOOS

Internet hot is the term used when you see a person online whom everybody will say is hot (cute, pretty, etc.) but really isn't, they are just hot enough for certain weirdo's to become "excited" over, on the Internet but not in a real life situation.
Swaggy Justin Bieber look-alike: Ayee girl ur sooo beautiful !! u hav the prettyest eyes evr !!! want 2 txt nd trade pix???
Regular guy: Pshhh.. Internet hot. Never would bang her in the real world.
by MOOS April 22, 2013
Utterly the most important position on defense. These warriors make up the D. They are the only few who can hit, and hit with force that can knock u silly. Without them theres no D.
linebacker, they are in the middle, or outside and are fierce players.
by Moos March 12, 2005