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dat be a krippy creme
by mongoose December 29, 2002
also spwn3d

spoon + owned = spwned
meaning "owned with a spoon"
"sucka, u just got spwn3d!"
"screw knifing, i will SPWN J00!"
by Mongoose December 28, 2004
you ass hole
dont do that you woopiecowapp
by MONGOOSE April 21, 2004
redundant; one who posts the obvious
This is a vbo'd post:

hmm, looks like it got slashdotted (link to wikipedia definition of slashdot).
by mongoose October 21, 2004
A witless, stupid person. From 'you charlie', with added ground force
You girt dozy dimmock
by mongoose January 17, 2003
I went to the University of Illinois in Chicago in the 60's. Back then it was know as the University of Illinois at Chicago Circle, due to it's proximity to a large circular expressway interchange. One day I came home from school and my dad asked me "How is my favorite Circle Jerk doing?" Very funny!After that I started to use the term Circle Jerk to describe some of my teachers and fellow students.
My math teacher is a real Circle Jerk.
by Mongoose March 09, 2004
A person who thinks he is loved on ETG and likes to these Scarecrow

Sucks in AOK
Franky: Alexandrite you suck in AOK.

Alexandrite: You lost more games then me.

Franky: oh yeah......
by Mongoose January 26, 2005

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