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The mis-labeling of sincere devotion between a man and a woman as some sort of failure on the part (typically) of the man. This mis-labeling isn't applied by any sort of "lover" grade male; rather, the labler is usually a misogynist frat-boy hedonist incapable of rubbing two higher-level brain cells together longer than the time taken to hit the bong or crush a beer can on his head. Mislabeling based on an inability to comprehend that men and women can have long-term, spiritually fulfilling relationships beyond the more obvious physical calisthetics...and that a man who puts the hapiness and joy of his woman above his own hapiness is the essence of successful relationships, NOT a failure. Obviously, when a woman reciprocates in kind, the result is the pinnacle of human hapiness and spiritual fulfillment.
Frat boy: Me wake up on floor in puddle of own vomit. Me only f*ck drunk ho's at party....hmm...that guy happy with woman, say he LOVE woman...he WHIPPED I bet.

Evolved human: did you hear that? it sounded like a pre-humanoid predecessor, giving off a mating call for antelope..!
by MNO October 11, 2006
see "monkeylove"; primitive, animalistic, jungle-like lovemaking
we made sweet monekylove
by MNO September 02, 2004
To conduct love making in a manner that is wild, passionate, animalistic, and perhaps even humorous. Lovemaking as a primitive, resonant visceral experience.

(Mutual fulfillment seems to be a key component of monkeylove, versus a rape or mindless coitus in which only the guy gets anything out of it.)

Somewhat related to the idea in the Cool & The Gang song, "Jungle Boogy".
she came over and we made sweet, torrid monkeylove
by MNO September 02, 2004
huge amounts (of data); a virtual equivalent of a person's Facebook profile contents published on the Internet.
In our digital lives, we generate megamounts of data.
by mno October 23, 2013
The slight jiggle "in the trunk" that a carribean woman has as she walks down the street. Imagine the 'double beat' sound of reggae, as correlating to a rump rising and falling, jiggling slightly because the woman has some extra fat there.
Bwoyy, gi'll got RIDDEM, derr!
by MNO June 22, 2005
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