2 definitions by MMMVTTDBCGR

Fevndi Raunion Is when a group of people are together smoking pot. Fevndi Raunions usualy don't get planned they just happen. Therefor you can't really say "I'm going to a fevndi raunion."
At concerts everyone is fevndi raunion.
This weekend me and my friends are going to fevndi raunion.
We're going to a fevndi raunion. WRONG
We fevndi raunionly drove around. CORRECT
by MMMVTTDBCGR March 20, 2008
Flullja Hoopla Is when someone enters your conversation afer being dormant for a decent amount of time, everyone who notices Is Flullja Hoopla.
Flullja Hoopla Is a "State of mind."
When you're with your friends and a new friend arrives saying anything would cause a Flullja Hoopla.

Flullja Hooplas are best when nobody notices until much later.
Pointing out a Flullja Hoopla usually ruins It.
by MMMVTTDBCGR March 30, 2008

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