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3 definitions by MMMMPickle

A cross between Laugh and inside,when you find something amusing but for some reason do not laugh.
Gary: ........the aristorcrats
Gary: whats wrong bob that was a killer gag
Bob: oh sorry I L'insided but I'm ultra tired dude
by MMMMPickle October 20, 2007
a hand rolled (poorly) object intended to be smoked (for example a rollie, joint ect) but is too loose.
James: twos?
David: sure here you go
James: woh this is abit loosy goosey, did you roll this?
David: *embarresed he lies* no
by MMMMPickle November 05, 2007
a very loosly rolled joint or rollie
Gary: 2's up
Bob: here you go gary
Gary: pfft its a bit loosey goosey, did u roll this?
Bob:*embarresed he lies* no
by MMMMPickle October 20, 2007