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Most down to earth romantic ever. Rocks her hair like Lily Allen. Loves Sawyer, CJ, Heath Ledger and NOT ugly guys w/Angelina Jolie lips. Once tried Pirelli's Miracle Elixir and said it was piss and ink. Fantasizes about getting Josh Holloway on a desert island, and sings songs about friendship.

Nicknames-Julie B., Femme Bluebird
Theme song-"With A Little Help From My Friends" by the Beatles

A LOST, Bones, Scrubs, and Psych fan, Julie knows all the facts and which episode to watch during sleepovers. Has an amazing sense of fashion and looks like Lily Allen (especially the hair).
Nicknames: Julie B., JD
Beverage: appletini, light on the tini
Accessories: lipgloss, action figures

A token hopeless romantic, but not in a bad way. A guru of classic films and television, Julia carefully analyzes the lessons real life teaches by means of art in motion. A staunch conservative, always up for an intelligent debate, she will either respectfully present an argument or beat the living daylights out of a non-believer. A creative writer, she crafts beautiful stories from uncannily descriptive langugage. She has the most potential to be the next great Hemingway, Alcott, Dickinson, King, Twain...oh, screw it--she'll top the New York Times Best-Seller list. Her screenplays will propel undiscovered actors (*ah-hem*) to new heights, and her lines will spit catchphrases into the mouths of millions. On top of that, she's a shoulder to lean on when times get rough, and will always be there for a total bitch rant.
That is such a Julia way of seeing your relationship.
by MMMJ August 15, 2008
Token feme fatale. Mary dates all the hottest men in the universe including a certain Desmond Hume and Sayid Jarrah on their on remote island. She is the inventor of many know commonly used pop catch phrases such as, "Ha Ha Ha, Hilary Enns." & "Let's Sweeney Todd him." She takes the best pictures and holds sleepover parties in whic heveryone gets so drunk they cannot remember what they discussed and did the night before but the vaguely remember corn.
Nicknames: Turk.
Theme Song: Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson.
Beverage: All of them are supplied that those parties...
Catchphrase: "Ha, Ha, Ha, Hilary Enns."
Email: Trendsetter-Party-Girl@lost.com

You can sing her name to the tune of Lollipop-not the Lil' Wayne song, the classic one. She is amazing, screams at children in Chuck E. Cheese. Sings very well. Her hit single? "I Can Sing!" The words? "I'm Johanna, I can sing, la la la!" and that's pretty much it.

On the surface, quiet & unassuming. But once you get to know her, Mary exhibits a lack of inhibition and a wide range of emotions, from infectious glee to inordinate rage. Becomes very distracted at the sight of modern transportation conveniences, such as red cars and airplanes. Aside from the blatant and appropriate rants, Mary is almost always cheerful, happy, and a joy to be around. Let's face it--if you don't like Mary, you suck.
I can rock out just like a Mary
by MMMJ August 15, 2008
"Meredith" is actually a false identity assumed by the REAL Juno McGuff - the real girl who the movie tited 'Juno' was actually made about. She drinks the Sunny D, she has the tshirts, she hates Sonic Youth, she always drinks her entire slushies and then has to pee randomly throughout the rest of the day and alert everyone of it "inconspiciously" - she especially likes to inform Tommy about said peeing. Her pranks calls are the meanest - but they are so hilarious that that's a-ok with her BFFs. Her sense of humor and supportive hugs make her such an asset to her friends. They love her so much that even through the tough times they still think the sun shines out her ass. (Lol.)
Nickname: Meref.
Theme Song: Friendship from Anything Goes.
Beverage: Strawberry Diaquri.
Email: Batemanhater@honesttoblog.com

Need some sarcastic wittisisms based on a touching hit movie? Call 1-800-MEREDITH!! Want some kickass prank calls to rock your party? Call 1-800-MEREDITH!! All corny gimmicks aside, Meredith is your go-to person for pick me ups, neighborhood gossip, and explanation for common street lingo, among other things. She is always there to lift one's spirits when things like popularity, lack of self-confidence, and monthly visits from Aunt Flo ruin your outlook. She'll always be there for you when you are "Fo shiz, up the spout," and will gladly tell you "this is one doodle that can't be undid, home skillet." WARNING: If you intend to develop a friendship with Meredith, you must allow for frequent bathroom breaks; she often "drinks her weight in Sunny-D and has to go...PRONTO!!!"

An amazing girl who drinks her weight in sunny-d, eats orange tictacs and "has to go like seabiscuit". she often helps a Mary spot airplanes and looks stupid with her in public areas. She loves going to chuckie cheese and singing beatles songs. She is mean, but in a nice way and almost always has a kind word to say to most people. She is fun to rant with and always knows the gossip around the school.
That movie was so Meredith
by MMMJ August 15, 2008

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