Pregnant. Scottish slang. Used in the best movie ever made, Juno.
This is not a food baby. I've taken like three pregnancy tests and I am fo' shizz up the spout.
by Hannah the Superhero December 29, 2007
Idiom used for a situation that has gone awry, or wrong.
A British term for something that has been ruined.
The US economy is going up the spout.
Tony Blair has gone up the spout.
by Niklit January 07, 2008
pregnant, usually unplanned, as in Up the Pole
She's gone and got herself up the spout, or...
From the great Irish film, The Snapper: "She's gone and got herself up the pole."

Also see Snapper: Fetus, Unborn Baby
by Petra777 January 05, 2008
Found in the Military(Canada's, The US's and Elsewhere), This means to load your weapon, or denote that your weapon is already loaded...
E.g, The Glock-17 holds 16 rounds: 15 in the magasine and 1 up the spout.
by J. Michael Reiter January 05, 2008
Found in the Military(Canada's and Others), It means to Chamber a Round, i.e, Load Your Weapon...
A Browning HP-35 will hold 14 rounds: 13 in the Mag, and one Up The Spout.
by Paul Douglas Reiter January 05, 2008
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