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Often doesn't have it's own definition. Only when placed with other words it really has a meaning

1. No diggity = no doubt, for sure

2. Bomb diggity = great, awesome, the best, etc
1. "I like the way you work it. No Diggity! I got to bag it up."
(from song "No Diggity" by Blackstreet)

2. "Hey, did you get that new album yet? It's the bomb diggity!"
by MLE January 05, 2004
1) Korean word for Legend/Myth
2) A six member Korean singing sensation. Whom's styles differ from a very ghetto rap to a very touching ballad. ( Members include Shin Hyesung, Eric Mun, Lee Minwoo, Park JunJin, Andy Lee, Kim Dongwan. )
I love Shinhwa.. :)
by mLe December 29, 2003
One who is as shy as a rabbit in hunting season and funny and a fat guy being poked by a hot proding device.
I think there might eb Dahvood hiding in my closet...
by mle August 21, 2003
a getto term of endearment, particularly used among BGSU students in contractual relationships
Jared is my home skillet and he is cool
by MLE November 06, 2003

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