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A slice of white bread used as an alternative to a hot dog or hamburger bun.
Me: Damn! We don't have anymore hot dog buns.

Friend: That's OK, we have a whole loaf of Holsum, you can fashion yourself a Ghetto Bun.
by ML415 September 07, 2007
A lower back tattoo, a tramp stamp, etc.
Me: Hey, Tim, aren't you tired of banging the same Old Lady all the time?

Tim: Nah, if I get bored, I flip her over and read the ass comics.
by ML415 December 13, 2010
When you can answer a seemingly difficult question from memory and without the aid of a search engine.

Especially used when others call shenanigans on your vast repository of trivial knowledge.
Friend: Hey, who's that dude that does the voice of Shaggy?

Me: Casey Kasem... No Google!
by ml415 January 12, 2011
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