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literally means Fuck That And Fuck You
Boss: I need you to come in tomorrow at 5 A.M.
by Mkm November 28, 2012
If Americans could fathom the reality that they have killed 1 million Iraqis since 1990, maybe "babies for oil" might not seem like a "liberal" anti-Bush statement. It is in fact the reality of US foreign policy that no one wants to admit to.
Number of Iraqi children who have died as a direct result of US/UN sanctions according to UNICEF: 500,000

Number of barrels of oil in Iraq's proven reserves: 112,000,000,000

Ranking of Iraq among countries with proven reserves of oil: 2
by MKM November 03, 2004
FTS is an an acronym for Fuck That Shit, and is used similarly to "screw that" or "no way"
A:Hey tony, do you want to go cordless bungee jumping?
B: FTS I don't have a death wish!
by mkm July 19, 2013
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