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A person who inserts their finger/fingers or some object into their anus while masturbating.
That guy is such a butt wanker.
by MITB March 24, 2006
A short, thick club, usually made of wood, sometimes just a branch cut or broken off a tree. See also cudgel.
He pissed me off so bad I beat his ass with a shellaleigh. You might say I cudgeled him.
by MITB February 24, 2006
A tampon, or other brand name object of similar design and intent.
Hey, I got my period and I don't have my purse, do you have a twat stuffer I can have or some change so I can get one from the machine???
by MITB October 17, 2007
Another euphemism for masturbation.
He's got game - a hand held game, that is.
by MITB April 04, 2006
When a person ingests a large amount of the cough suppresant Dextromethorphan, which is the active ingredient in Robitussin and other brands of cough syrup. Robed is derived from Robitussin.
Let's get robed and go to the mall.
by MITB March 24, 2006
In skiing or snowboarding: A slope or run that is so steep, bumpy or full of trees and/or rocks, that only a person who is mentally ill would try to ski or ride down it.
Man, that run down the lift line is totally sick! Let's go try it!!!
by MITB February 22, 2006
The most dangerous country on earth. Rich as the Arabs from selling oil on the open market, they have a major grudge with Europe and America over the "Reagan Gambit" that eventually wrecked the Soviet economy and led to much suffering.

They have been using their oil wealth to build up their military. Their military personnel are being very well paid and are highly motivated by the suffering their country has endured since the collapse of the Soviet economy.
Europe is buying nearly all of their oil from the Russian Federation. They can't take any meaningful action against Russia or their oil supply will be shut off.
by mitb September 10, 2008

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