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A double insult, accusing one of having no father or mother, implying that one was simply found somewhere, possibly under a flat rock or some other place where disgusting things might be found.
You Motherless Bastard!
by MITB November 30, 2007
A guy who stands in front of an adult oriented business, such as a strip joint or XXX movie house, and tries to convince passersby to enter and, hopefully, spend a lot of money.
That pie hawker sed I would have a real good time, but all i did was drop $50.
by MITB January 27, 2006
Chili made with dead cat meat. The 102nd use for a dead cat.
Found a dead cat by the road, made some dead cat chili. Yum!
by MITB September 28, 2006
The infamous seven words that you can't say on television, according to George Carlin. This list, of course, is now outdated, as at least two of them are commonly heard everyday on almost every channel.
What are the seven words you can't say on television? Goddam shit fuck piss cocksucker motherfucker and tits!!!!
by MITB October 17, 2007
Derogatory term used in reference to a girl or woman who has small breasts, aka a "flat chest". Might also be used as "Flatsy Patsy".
"Hey, that chicks got nothing"

"Yeah, she's a Flatsy"
by mitb April 06, 2009
The act of slapping the dash board of a Neon to get the gauges working. Owners of 1st generation Neons are probably quite familiar with this.
"Damn, speedo stopped working again!"
< Neon slap >
"That's better."
by MITB September 12, 2006
The driver of a race car with red flames painted on it. It could be a Nascar driver, but it doesn't have to be.

I hope Flame Boy blows his engine again, it's hilarious to see him cry like a little girl.
by MITB October 20, 2007

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