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A really pretty girl who is very athletic and very smart. She has lots of friends, and has a really good voice. Kayleigh's are on the petite side. She is very loveable and caring. She doen't like to be single, and she has had boyfriends before. She loves watching TV and going to sleep.
Hey I wanna be kayleigh so badly.
by MEEPMEEP December 08, 2012
A really humble girl who studies hard in school, yet may be a little claustrophobic. She is really nice, and most compatible with boys named Jeremy.
Hey, i wanna be like maristela!
by MEEPMEEP December 08, 2012
JUiCY CiNN™ decided to make up a word.

she must have decided on chortii.
and im assuming it's supposed to mean "shorty".

affectionate term for a girlfriend, attractive female.
"i`m bisexual but iNa curious kinda way.. i onLy dig flyy/bangin chortii. y0u alreadi kn0w tha deaL."
by meepmeep December 18, 2006

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