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An acronym for United Systems that was formed back in 1986 by the merger of the Burroughs Corporation and Sperry-Rand. In their small world, they try to stay in business by selling the same text driven mainframes that Burroughs offered in the 1960's, only at obserd prices. They are mostly known for their cheap tactic of "OEM-ing" the products they sell, smacking their adhesive name brand on it, and marking up the price 10 fold.
Joe, 1985 called, they want their COBOL back. Hold on Tim, I'll have to halt the mainframe, oh dammit, the Unisys label fell off.
by MCP December 29, 2004
A tacky comment often heard by E.D. Walker, usually when being harrassed by her corny husband.
Dammit Kerry, stop tickling me! Oh no, you don't!!!
by MCP December 29, 2004
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