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Used to tell someone to "fuck off" in a seemingly nice way. This is an inside joke among some Disney Employees. It is used to relieve frustration with jerk-off tourists without getting yourself in trouble.
I told that asshole tourist to "Have a Disney Day!"
by MC YT November 09, 2005
A nick name given to Disney World or Disney Land by disgruntled employees.
I gotta go man, I have to get up early for another shift at the Tragic Kingdom.
by MC YT November 09, 2005
when one shits so forcefully that water spashes up on their buttocks.
I shit so hard last night that I got ass splash!
by MC YT November 06, 2005
A gay couple. usually used disparingly.
Did you know that Rick and Jay are rainbow buddies!
by MC YT November 09, 2005

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