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The home planet of the space pirates in the Metroid series.
Samus followed Ridley to Zebes after he stole the baby metroid
by luminoth August 18, 2010
le zebe hou li dedkhoule dakhel el hachoune ou yekhroudje ouyedkhoule ouyekhroudje hatta yssile el zene ki lahlibe nick hatchoune yemak ya bouteflika ou nick termate yemak el mekemcha nik babake ya ataye ya wlide el kahba yedek fi zebi
le penis c'est le zebe il fait comme le train alger marcelle sponchi
by karim hamiche rocco April 19, 2003
noun; an African-American Jew. ZEBRA + HEBE
That Sammy Davis, jr. sure was one talented zebe!
by diegest March 18, 2003
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