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To pee yourself laying down, so it flows between your ass cheeks, because it feels good.
To pee your pants, because you like it.
To willingly pee while wearing clothes, for fun.
To pee your bed, then smell it.
"Man, I rozycki'd myself once a week. I love it."
by MBeezy March 31, 2006
To be the sexiest motherfucker alive, above the age of 40. You must smoke, occasionaly, and generally drive the ladies wild. You laugh like a badger, but it only drives the ladies wild. You might be a gray panthers, but you're still hot. And you make the elevator truly uncomfortable.
AKA "Handsome Hantz."
"Man, that was a wild time with Hantz last night."
by MBeezy March 31, 2006
To ejaculate within your pants, preferably as the result of having a tiny little pointy baby peen.
"Man, that was so funny I almost Gouged my pants."
by MBeezy March 31, 2006
Female ejaculation.
To projectile female ejaculation.
To sputter until "empty."
Often times "diarehha style" femal ejacualation because it sputters.
A first timer's "coming.
"Hey, do you even get off?"
--"Yeah, I Jingley Schmidty myself last night."
by MBeezy March 31, 2006

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