5 definitions by MBR

A stinky rash (funk) of the area between your junk & the inner thigh.
That dude got a bad case or crotch rotch after not bathing himself adequately.
by MBR May 16, 2003
When a horse ejaculates.
Mr. Stewart is a total horsewad.
by mbr April 07, 2006
1) A cutie-pie.
2) A hypmonizing rear-end (badonkadonk).
1) Hey punky you silly poon!
2) Check out the punkin on that fizzle!
by MBR May 26, 2003
Someone who doesn't play hockey very well, and is not the brightest candle on the cake. See buttmonkey
That jackamo is a silly poon.
by MBR May 17, 2003
See pumpkin.
What up punky?
by MBR May 26, 2003

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