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The title given to the person that has fucked the fugliest chick you know (and has been caught).
Man, did you see that huge trogger Simo took home last night?
Yeh, definitely sealing his place as Superballs.
by MBP_DellaZ August 18, 2006
The girl involved in a Screaming Eagle.
Yo, dem boys pulled off a Screaming Eagle last night!
Who was the Fifth Element?
Yo' mama!


Who's turn to be the Fifth Element?
by MBP_DellaZ August 14, 2006
Did Not Root; when your mate takes a chick home (or her place) but ends up having a DNM instead of a root.
Did Ganglz get any off that chick he took home?
Na, DNR.
by MBP_DellaZ August 18, 2006

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