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Internet abbreviations. NM = not much, wbu = what about you. These abbreviations can be used separately, but are commonly found together in one big incoherent blob of laziness, used by incoherent lazy shits.
Me: Hey, whats up?
Incoherent lazy shit: NM WBU
Me: oh nothing, just about to begin the genocide of lazy shits who use phrases like that. Go die.
Incoherent lazy shit: umm.....LOL!!
by MBLSV July 15, 2005
Be back later. Meant for use online
I inveted this. notice how all the definitions are recent?? yea, well i came up with 'bbl' like 5 years ago on AIM and no one knew what it meant, but i used it anyways, and now everyone uses it. man im a genius
by MBLSV July 15, 2005

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