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When a male is giving a chick anal, but before he proceeds to penetrate her, she takes a huge mother fucking shit, and then without wiping her asshole, the male inserts his cock and uses her shit as lubrication
Person A: "There was no lubrication"
Person B: "How'd you fuck her then, man?"
Person A: "I just gave her a sloppy joanne"
by MB-Q1 October 11, 2006
Really lame and gay rollercoaster at the theme park Seaworld on the Gold Coast in Australia. The line for the ride is so long, and yet its a peice of shit ride that lasts for 23 seconds. It's slow, not violent and its a pussy ride.
To think something is corkscrew is too think its not cool, lame, shit, gay, fucked, gooked etc
"That joke was fucking corkscrew"
by MB-Q1 October 11, 2006
When a male/female gives one a blowjob and the skin on ones penis gets caught and then ripped off by his/her braces.
Past tence: froped
"I'm going to frope that asshole then dump him"
"Oh fuck, some slut froped me last night and now my bananas peeled"
by MB-Q1 October 11, 2006
Before a man begins masturbating, he shits on his own hand then wanks with it. The shit is used as an alternate lubrication. Consuming the left over "lubrication" is optional.
"I was bored last Wednesday night, so I gave myself a dagwood dog then ate it"
by MB-Q1 October 11, 2006

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