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short for ketamine.
substance normally used as an anaesthetic for horses, but in powder form can make a great dance floor destroyer!
Dave get your ket out, i want a line.
by MADMAX August 17, 2004
boobies are yummy :) :) :) :)
can I lick your boobies, becuzse they are yummy.
by madmax April 16, 2004
Probably one of the coolest people you'll ever to be lucky to set your eyes on. She won't admit it, but she knows she beautiful. Brown hair brown eyes but she's blonde at heart. Crazy, loves to party, and don't piss her off because chances are she'll spit in your face. She has a face that might quite literally melt your heart and if you dissagree she'll pull it out stick it in the microwave and actually melt it.
"Dude See Cheyenne over there? Man I wish I could have a girl like that". "Me too! Careful though.. I heard she murdered her ex"
by Madmax June 27, 2013
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