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An up and coming college drinking card game created by students from UAlbany, ACP, and Utica College. In this game everyone sticks a playing card to their head. The players then take turns drawing a card and guessing if its higher or lower than the card on their head. If they guess correctly they make someone else take a drink, if they are incorrect they take a drink. They go around 7 times each. At the end of seven rounds everyone makes one guess to guess their card. If they are correct the draw an additional card and make someone drink for that amount of time (in seconds). If they are incorrect they draw a card and they must drink for that amount of time (in seconds). The last winner of the game shuffles the cards for the next round.
Dude I was at UAlbany last night and they were playing that new drinking game Forehead .... I don't remember much after that.
by M1k3M1z April 10, 2011

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