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6 definitions by M.C. Shithead

A tattoo found on the small of a woman's back. Most commonly found among women in California, hence the name. Also known as bitch tat. It is often speculated that women with such tattoos may be undersexed nymphomaniacs or flat-out sluts.
Yo, I can see that chick's California license plate sticking out from her low-rise jeans
by M.C. Shithead April 22, 2005
198 47
Derogatory nickname for the city of San Jose, Calif., and/or the surrounding communities in the area. Refers to the high male-to-female population because of the high number of male-dominated high-tech jobs.
Dude, after I graduate, I'm moving out of Man Jose.
by M.C. Shithead March 14, 2005
161 45
1. noun. Uber-cop who can kill people in super-duper-slow-motion.

2. verb. The act of performing a task of heroic proportoins against apparently insurmountable odds.
Whew! I totally Max Payne-d that girl's home phone number!
by M.C. Shithead April 28, 2005
67 8
A place where there are more African Americans than any other ethnic group.
Damn, this party's a slave market, yo
by M.C. Shithead June 17, 2005
7 22
The age when you can fuck a girl and not get jail time.
I can't screw her yet. She's not 18, so I might get jail time.
by M.C. Shithead April 21, 2005
30 49
An complete oxymoron.
The French got pwned in both World Wars without U.S. help.
by M.C. Shithead April 22, 2005
113 162