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Enik was the name given to a character from 1970's Sid & Marty Kroft produced television series "Land Of The Lost". Enik was the leader of a group of pre-historic reptilian man-like creatures called the Sleestaks. Enik served as ambassador to Marshall, Will and Holly, the humans who were somehow stranded in pre-historic times. Enik was somehow further evolved than the other Sleestaks, as he could speak, while the others could only make hissing sounds.
Enik was pissed when the other Sleestaks came back without his dinner!
#land of the lost #sleestak #chaka #ta #crystals
by M. Caldarella August 30, 2006
heavily stoned on skunky hydro buds.
after a fat reefer of that good northern lights, i was totally bin ladened!
#blotto #wasted #high as a kite #trippin #jack herer
by M. Caldarella August 25, 2006
Code reference to Marijuana, originating from the "Rachel Green" character on the popular American television series, "Friends" (NBC).
Dude, are we gonna see Rachel later, or what?
#weed #mary jane #hydro #sticky buds #jack herer
by M. Caldarella November 29, 2007
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