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used when someone says something like a nonce or without relevance.
used by the infamous G.O productionz on the regs
mans: oi mans,, tingz are big on xbox 360 all everyday blatently
GEE OHH: are you stupez?
GEE OHH: dont get haps
#are you dumb #duppy #creps #big #allow
by M-a-n-s January 14, 2008
wen mans describe something as being heavy or big
mans:yo bredrin mans dis shoobs is bare fire!
stupezman: nah its swaggle breh nd ting
mans: dont eye me like that nigwheat or ill cut up mans
stupezman: your a cunt
*beat gets dropped by g.o*
*slashes are heard*
mans: creps!
g.o: dont get haps
#creps #dumb #are you stupez #mans #allow
by M-a-n-s January 14, 2008
a ting sarki crepses mans with for hitting places
sarki: lets bop sandwich ends enit
everyone: no
#lol #allow #dumb #mans #poo
by M-a-n-s January 14, 2008
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