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The pre-emptive taste that develops in ones mouth when they anticipate the liquid refreshment that they will consume in mass quantities once they depart their place of employment.
It's four o'clock and I am developing a major case of beer mouth!
by Lynchmob August 09, 2006
a)The sensation you get after visiting your dentist and getting novacaine, which drive the impulse to immitate a motor boat and drool all over your shirt.

b)Nickname for a messed up looking pussy
a)Well I finally got that tooth fixed but now I have silly lips.

b)Damn girl you have got some silly lips!!!!
by Lynchmob August 10, 2006
That worn out blistered feel you get from visiting the sperm bank daily trying to save up the funds to purchase a 2007 Mustang Shelby GT500!
John's got a major case of GT500 cock, but he's half way toward saving the $60,000 + for his new Mustang.
by Lynchmob August 10, 2006
Someone that is so damn stupid, ugly or worthless and should be the poster child for "Pull Out" magazine.
Eugene is such a pull out poster child! His father should have pulled out, better yet should have just had another beer and never put it in!
by Lynchmob August 09, 2006
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