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An internet alter-ego, often more beautiful and more hip than the actual person behind the computer screen. A Lee will most likely use someone elses pictures and tell stories about someone elses life. A Lee could be a man posing as a woman or, the most common type of Lee, an ugly girl posing as a beautiful young woman. Some famous Lee's include: MichaelLee, JoshuaLee and Spike Lee. The most notorious Lee was the original and, still today, the greatest Lee of all time; MeganLee. Rather than using the traditional emoticon, Lees will frequently use the "XD" type of smiley face. Not to be confused with the lying, cheating, Chinese Olympic Gymnist 'Lee'.

Screw those Cheating assholes.
"Yeah MeganLee IM'd me the other night." "Who's that?" Oh remember that really hot girl from that chat room?" Oh you mean that fat ugly girl posing as a hot girl?" "She's a Lee dude."

by Lymbyc September 07, 2008

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