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Sexual encounters via facebook. Esp. if on a regular basis between the same people. This is done through private messages, facebook chat, or wall posts.
"I was up all night facebonking **** he sure knows how to please a woman!"

"Yeah I've been facebonking this girl for a while now, the other night we were chatting and my Mum walked in on us, it was so embarassing."
by Lyd8 May 03, 2011
To enail someone is to enjoy sexual encounters via email.
FRIEND 1 "O hey how are you? By the way, you know your friend ****? Well I have some news... we've been enailing for the last month!"

FRIEND 2 "Really?! Wow!"

FRIEND 1 "Yeah, we enail at least once a day! He is seriously AMAZING!"

FRIEND 2 "You should just marry him."
by Lyd8 May 03, 2011

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