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2 definitions by Lyd8

Sexual encounters via facebook. Esp. if on a regular basis between the same people. This is done through private messages, facebook chat, or wall posts.
"I was up all night facebonking **** he sure knows how to please a woman!"

"Yeah I've been facebonking this girl for a while now, the other night we were chatting and my Mum walked in on us, it was so embarassing."
by Lyd8 May 03, 2011
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To enail someone is to enjoy sexual encounters via email.
FRIEND 1 "O hey how are you? By the way, you know your friend ****? Well I have some news... we've been enailing for the last month!"

FRIEND 2 "Really?! Wow!"

FRIEND 1 "Yeah, we enail at least once a day! He is seriously AMAZING!"

FRIEND 2 "You should just marry him."
by Lyd8 May 03, 2011
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