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Often referred to as an "M.C", a monster cock is an unusually yet pleasantly large penis. Large enough to leave a nice red mark when struck upon a ho's face but not so large that it leaves a bruise.
She awoke in the strange bed and looked over the edge. There it was, the tell-tale gold Magnum wrapper. She quietly added another check to the Monster Cock list and hobbled out of the room.
by LuvsMCs November 07, 2007
A job that pays well and only requires that it look like your working on paper. Most of the time spent "working" is on the road.
Well, it looks like Crystal and Greer are at the strip club again. They sure are riding that gravy train hard.
by LuvsMCs November 07, 2007
A monstrous cock or monster cock is an unusually but pleasantly large penis. Impressive both length-wise and in girth, a man with an M.C can usually expect a round of applause whenever he disrobes. He is a God amoung men and rocks a harem of ho's, all of whom adore him. After it has been established that a man is rocking a monster cock, a first name is no longer appropriate and he should be called only "M.C".
C Dub never returned to the office that day. It was later revealed that she couldn't return after sitting on an M.C. most of the afternoon. The bitch could barey walk.

I don't care if he's broke, his M.C. is all I need.

She couldn't tear her eyes from the bulge in his pants. She had a sneaking suspicion that he was rocking an M.C..
by LuvsMCs November 07, 2007
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