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You make me laugh so much kelly.. Lol

I love u now,tmrw and forever. Kellywood
by Luvs69ss January 14, 2011
found everywhere but mostly in scotland..

a type of rain that sounds like a lorry outside your window..
usually involves gettin soaked if your out in it and no waterproof clothing will stop it from running down your back
described as "dingin doon" in aberdeenshire
what was that?
fecking hell it"s a big rain shower
by luvs69ss August 10, 2010
northern scottish definition of heavy snow showers..
usually leads to closed roads, much frustration amongst road users..
pedestrians slipping..
when the sna" thaws roads very likely to be damaged and my gf has to replace a damaged alloy to her extreme cost
pers1.. "you goin oot in that?"
pers2.. "aye"
pers1.. "but its dinging doon sna!!"
pers2.. "i need go to work"
by luvs69ss August 10, 2010
weegie slang term for pocket
cause of sum mild amusement when used in a conversation with aberdonians and oft leads to a red face at how weegie sum1 is
where is your fone?
in ma poacket!!
i love the way you say poacket!!
say it again for me and then say murrderr!!
by luvs69ss August 10, 2010

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