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A lazy black man, who sits on his porch drinking and trading his food stamps for crack.
Damn porch monkeys, cant they just get a job!
by Luvs2Spooge January 12, 2008
The BEST sex a man can give usually giving it extremely hard and non stop.
Friend #1: Omg me n my girlfriend had the 'zitko'
Friend #2: Woah, you must be good to give a 'zitko'
by Luvs2Spooge January 12, 2008
A clevis or shackle misused as a hammer. Also refers to the flagrant misuse of a critical handtool or piece of equipment as a hammer, due to the mental retardation of the user.
Those two retards are using a triton hammer to try to move that truck.
by Luvs2spooge November 29, 2014

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