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2 definitions by LutzUlbrich

Yet another pseudonym for Marijuana.
1) Woke up this morning, stink kind.
2) Anon1: What is the plan for tonight?

Anon2: A little stink kind?

Anon1: What the fuck is 'stink kind'?

Anon2: Look it up on urban dictionary, jerk.
3) On occasion i like to smoke a little stink kind
by LutzUlbrich October 17, 2011
The noise one makes when pulling at there collar in order to loosen it, when involved in a situation which is uncomfortable, regrettable or in which collar-puller is found to be lying or will potentially get in strife.
Person: "my god, somebody left this banana peel causing this poor man to slip and break his face"
Person who left the banana peel: *pulls at collar* "ghhll"
by LutzUlbrich November 20, 2011