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FFH is an acronym for 'Fucking Female Henry'

FFH is the sister word to FDK and was created to depict bitches as difficunt as the origal FDK, Henry.

The context is only used for stubborn, annoying and frustrating females.
eg1 "aw man, my women is being a FFH, being all difficult and shit..."
by Lung cat April 06, 2006
FDK is an acronym for 'fucking difficult kunt'. Its origins derived from frustration, is used to depict one who is of an annoying and wearisome nature.

Whilst FDK has a derogitive connotation and referenced in a slightly angered mannar, its intentional use is not to denigrate.

The appropriate context to apply FDK, is when the subject (i.e. the FDK) has no reason to be an FDK, but chooses to be an FDK, to spite his friends.

Also to note, FDK should only be used to describe males. The appropriate term for a female of a difficult nature is FFH. (click for a definition)
eg1. Its the holidays,
He's got plenty of doe to blow,
he likes drinkin up and pervin,
he's got nothing else better to do,

and yet when his friends call him out on a friday night to get pist and womenise, he declines! what an FDK

by Lung cat April 06, 2006
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