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An acronym for “Freshly Fucked Hair”, the aptly-named hairstyle of a woman after just receiving sexual intercourse.

“Whoah, John, check out Samantha’s FFH! She must have made a pit stop at Byron’s place before she came to class this morning.”
by sgtlyxix May 11, 2006
FFH is an acronym for 'Fucking Female Henry'

FFH is the sister word to FDK and was created to depict bitches as difficunt as the origal FDK, Henry.

The context is only used for stubborn, annoying and frustrating females.
eg1 "aw man, my women is being a FFH, being all difficult and shit..."
by Lung cat April 06, 2006
Freshly Fucked hair or FFH, is a term used when your hair is all messed up like you have been out in the wind.
Girl, your hair is all over the place from walking around in that wind! You have a Freshly Fucked Hair doo (FFH) doo!!!
by ours July 14, 2016
Acronym for "Finally Fucked Her"
Jim: I Cant believe it man, after all these years I FFH.
Jamal: FFH?
Jim: Yea i Finally Fucked Her!
Jamal: OH gotcha. Well right on my brotha form anotha motha. Pound it.
Jim: word Soul sister
by The call me balls deep June 14, 2011
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