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When the biggest piece of shit so called man you know hyphenates his last name to appease his wife (who by the way has a vagina that resembles a clown car and smells of petuli), thus loosing his balls and becoming a unic. Then has children that have hyphenated names, bringing an astronomical amount of douche-bagginess to this earth.
Can you believe that new guy in creative? His name is Robert Rice-Smith, he is a total hyphengina
by LunchB0x6669 October 08, 2009
When you leave the loaded condom in the bitches ass you just donkey punched. She awakens to find the condom is full and still in her ass.
Dude i wish i could see her face when she finds out she got donkey ala cream'd

Waking up from being donkey punched Parkay discovered that she had been served donkey ala cream; the condom was stuck between her but cheeks
by LunchB0x6669 August 05, 2009
When a woman's tits are so small that they resemble the concaved shape of a crater
Damn did you see that bitch? Her crater tits could collect enough water to solve drought issues in Africa!
by LunchB0x6669 July 29, 2009
Underage butterfaced girl
Damn! You see that highschool girl? She was a total Pedo Butterface.

Did you hear Mike got that highschool girl pregnant? He is a total Pedo Butterface Babies Daddy now!
by Lunchb0x6669 March 17, 2010
After not showering for 4-5 days and having sex
"We have been camping for 5 days I am not giving you any", "c'mon baby lets go have bum sex in the tent
by LunchB0x6669 September 10, 2009
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