14 definitions by Lunatic

wanksta is a dumass word never heard before until 50 cent brought it up. the true word is busta u fools.. pay respect to da O.G
bish what da fuk is wanksta u mutherfukin busta
by lunatic August 03, 2003
Al Bhed translation for Baby Dick
Tidus has a Pypo_Telg
by Lunatic July 29, 2003
A word used to describe something really unusually great! Like sex with sheep.
Fucking that sheep was just Spiffy!
by Lunatic July 29, 2003
(Noun) An elf who is 3456 years old and is a seductress/ temptress
and she is fucking SPIFFY
I saw Lunar Yesterday, she is fucking Spiffy!
by Lunatic July 29, 2003
The Name of the legendary Guardian...Auron's 'Sword'
And Auron lifted Spanky high into the air for all to see
by Lunatic July 29, 2003
A women who is delightful and magical
....Delightful and Magical like a hot steel Dildo
The lovely enchantress shoved her hot steel dildo up Mary's ass
by Lunatic July 29, 2003
An Utouchable Person in Yo Hood. The Baddest MOFO u know. The person u know is silent but deadly
U betta watch out for TIC, what is he the schism.
by LUNATIC February 26, 2005

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