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Either a boy or a girls name

Boy- great at ... well everything. Super sexy, super abs. Take advantage! Sometimes Carter's are shy so don't be scared to talk to him!! One of the funniest guys you with every meet.

Girl- damn prettiest girl you will ever meet. She might not be the sexiest on the outside (but trust me, she WILL have a great body) but she is beautiful through and through. Great personality and character. Very determined and smart. Also pretty physically fit. You can usually find Carter's rowing or swimming. Carter's are shy, so make the first move.
Girl1- who is that new kid other there?
Girl2- Oh, that is Carter. He is super nice!
Girl3- Have you seen his abs!!

]Boy1- DAMN!! Who is that?
Boy2- That is Carter nicest girl I know. Very athletic and pretty too.
Boy3- She is almost too perfect.]
#awesome #cool #names #cartero #sexy
by Luna17 May 06, 2013
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