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Hawaiian slang for getting an erection to where you can see it lift up your pants like a tent.
Hawaiian slang -Braddah I went see dis chick da adah night ah? bra I was pitching one 7 inch tent cuz!

African American slang- Ey yo nigga i seen dis hoe at the club da otha day walkin down westside nigga you know dat shit cud i was pitchin tent nigga.

White slang- Dude I was like cruising down town and saw this girl, mannn was I sure pitching tent.
by Lukie-D June 25, 2008
1.The kids in high school always causing big scenes over small shit, the retard looking group that you and your friends always hear being loud in the cafeteria when your trying to eat. That friend you have that always talks about his/her SHIT life.
2.to describe teens that use having a horrible life as an excuse to hide away with the rest of their strange species in a nutshell, to stay alive on they call "the fucked up earth" the Scene Kid must have his/her shots of "Smirnoff" atleast 24 times a day, and hang out in an empty parking lot such as "Lowes" when the sun goes down. The Scene Kid can range from the straight, gay, and bixsexual men and women.
1.hey yo nigga, look at dat gay motha fucka over there, nigga be wearin' tight pants and vests and shit, must be one of dem scence kids nigga fo' real.

2.Man, my girl hangs out with a bunch of homosexual men, is my girl a scene kid?

3.Don't hang out with that scene kid girl, she only Like-a-Da-Way-Yo-Dick-Tastes.
by Lukie-D June 24, 2008

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