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When you approach the female for anal, she turns around looks at you and eagerly nods her head up and down like flipper while emitting a shrill eh-huh, eh-huh pleased noise
I took this girl home last night and gave her the ol happy dolphin.
by Luke Palmer January 16, 2007
A Masterbation technique used in place of stroking off. First you remove all your clothes and lie prone on the bed. Then you rock left and right while using the surface to hold pressure on your sword. Just prior to climax roll into the supine position for sweet release or lateral recumbant if you prefer.
Oh man after watching the news this morning, I have a lot of wiggling to do this afternoon.
by Luke Palmer October 11, 2007
An airway adjunct to be used by males on female patients. Contraindications include male patients, animals, relatives, and old ladies. Adjunct is to be inserted all the way into patient's (preferably hot co-ed) throat. If gag reflex is activated, reinsert over and over until warm pleasing lotion coats patients throat resulting in better breathing(patient) and shortness of breath(rescuer).
That chick at the bar came home to my place and was excited when i gave her the ol penilpharyngeal adjunct complete with throat yogurt.
by Luke Palmer February 21, 2007

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