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v. comes from the abbreviation of bluetoothand is the action of sending a file to a nearby device. Anything can be toothed to you when you turn your bluetooth on when on the train
bill: hey dave you have that vid of john being happy slapped?
dave: yeah its well lol
Bill: tooth it me then!
by luke November 05, 2006
the act of schplokring (see def: schplorking) on you girlfriend the first time you make sweet love to her.
She got me so drunk that I couldn't stop schploking her. She's just been wiggity-schplorked.
by Luke January 12, 2005
Yo mama's hairy ass
Yo mama's shizzy fizzy is like a jungle. I had to bust out the weed wacker to find it.
by Luke October 19, 2003
A trite, topical, and out-dated political term invented by republicans for the 2004 ellections. Often used as a term of disparagement to chastize democrats for not supporting every single piece of legislation in favor of one particular thing.
Talking Head 1: Y'know, kerry voted against sending $86 billion of support for our troops. That guy flip flops more than an IHOP!

Talking Head 2: Dude... he wrote his OWN $86 billion troop support bill! And his version said where the money would COME from, instead of just tacking it onto the deficit. Why would he vote for the other bill?
by Luke June 09, 2006
cunjeondell: To smell faintly of a baby having it's diper/nappy changed.

NB: can not actually be applied to a baby having it's diper changed. It is used to express a smell resembling that of a baby having it's diper changed, but actually isn't so.
you walk into a urinal, and you smell something that reminds you of a baby having it's diper changed. But there are no incontonent infants close by because you're in a night club.
by Luke July 28, 2004
The phrase that an adult nagger uses to control her young tyke...
Baby...I ain't playin...hush your mouth..

Shaquavea...I said I ain't even be playin
by Luke June 07, 2004
a real funny progame ever
thats proper bo
oh no my tail poped out
thats a big load of babs yes babs
craiiiig david
by luke September 05, 2003

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