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The act of shooting jiz in her eye and then punching her in that eye...
That whore used her teeth while suckin on my root, so I gave her the bizmark.
by MPH February 19, 2005
The Bizmark is accomplished by jizzing on the chick's face (make sure you get it all over her cheeks and eyes), then punch her in the face causing her to bleed so the blood mixes with your cum.
After I bizmarked my girlfriend, she got the hint that I wanted to dump her ass.
by shamrock April 18, 2007
When you cum in just one of a girl's eyes and punch her in the other.
My girl gave me tooth when I was cumming in her mouth, so I biz marked her ass.
by Raul Sanchez February 28, 2005
When a male gets a semi-erect penis and slaps his ho around the facial region with it
'shit where did you get that cut?'
'I got Bizmarked last night!'
by TJ Baxter March 04, 2009
The act of jizzing in a girl's mouth and then uppercutting her to make her swallow.
Jim knew Sally wouldn't swallow after he busted a nut in her mouth, so he bizmarked her.
by ploo April 11, 2005
First punch the girl in the face till shes bleeding then spooge all over her face and then mix it around with your sauage patty.
While sal was eatting his wheatees, his roomate was wildly giving bizmarks out in the other room.
by luke February 17, 2005
Slapping a girl in the face with ur cock.
"shut up before i bizmark ya!"

Jenny got bizmarked last nite
by namegone July 13, 2005
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