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Mario is the star of the once Mario Brothersgames, but is now the star of anything with the name Mario in it. He was born in the Mushroom Kingdom, and shipped off to his parents with his brother Luigi via stork, when suddenly, Kamek, one of Bowser's servants, attacks the stork, causing him to drop the babies. Mario drops to Yoshi's Island, but Luigi is captured.

Mario teams up with several Yoshi to save Luigi from the clutches of Bowser. After several months of adventuring, they make it to Bowser's castle (he's still a youth, so he's pretty much a brat). They thwart his evil scheme, free Luigi and are back to being the unseperable pair.

A year later, when they learn how to make words, they meet Princess Peach, and immedietely become best friends. Bowser, who also peers at Peach, falls madly in love with her, and decides he must have her. Mario and Luigi thwart his often attempts at capturing her with their brains.

Soon Mario and Luigi would come from the future, and meet with their younger selves for when the invasion of the Shroobs would occur. Shroobs were an alien race who attempted to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom of the past.

Mario, Luigi, and their baby counter parts take on the alien invasion, and wipe out the entire army. It turns out that their weakness was Baby tears.

Eventually, Mario and Luigi would grow up, and need jobs. They, together, try teaching, but the students keep getting distracted for some reason. Then, they would try to work for a Wrecking Ball agency, but since their foreman, Spike, was evil, that didn't quite work out either.

Mario keeps his friendship with Peach, but she never wants to have...you know. So they never become Boyfriend/Girlfriend. Mario would soon get a girlfriend named Pauline, who, on their first date, gets kidnapped by a giant monkey name Donkey Kong.

Mario eventually thwarts him and saves her, but she dumps him and runs off with another man. Mario, depressed and needing a job, then turns to plumbing, which Peach gladly hires him to do. But since he didn't read the fine print, he would eventually find himself with his brother fighting off monsters such as Koopa Troopas, Goombas, and Freezies.

They would eventually find plumbing fun, and take it as a life long job. Lucky for the Mario Brothers, Peach pays the taxes for them, being a good friend.

Sometime soon, Bowser comes back and starts turning Princess Peach"s people into stone. It appears he kept quiet for some time after all his screw ups during the Shroob invasion. Anyhow, he captures Princess Peach, and hides clones of himself in 6 different castles, residing in a 7th and final castle.

The brothers would adventure to save the Princess (and a fair share of Toads). After this adventure, Peach invites Mario for some cake at her castle. Excited, he invites his brother and surprisingly, his cousin Wario. They find out that Bowser creates worlds out of the many paintings in this house, and are eventually captured by Goomboss, Cheif Chilly, and King Boo.

Yoshi, who sleeping on the rooftop, noticed they were eating cake in there for a loooong time. He jumps out the roof, frees Mario (who frees Luigi, who frees Wario) and defeats Bowser with 150 power stars.

King Boo wanted to get revenge on the Mario Brothers, so he sent them a "Grand Prize" mansion. Mario heads off imedietely without thought, and eventually get himself captured. Luigi would come much later, and recieve an invention from Elvin Gadd called a poltergust 3000. He uses it to suck in all the ghosts in the mansion and to defeat King Boo.

Luigi eventually has a large nightmare that's so massive, it sucks Mario, Toad, and Peach into it as well. It turns out that Wart, Bowser's brother, was commencing a hostile takeover of the dream world, giving everyone nightmares. The quad of heroes eventually thwart Wart, and wake up from the nightmare.

The crimes had stopped for quite a while, so Mario throws several, several parties. Also, Princess Peach sets up several sport fields arond her kingdom, such as Baseball fields, and Tennis courts and racing tracks. Even Bowser would join in the fun, occasionally being evil in it.

One fateful day, Peach would invite him on a summer vacation to Isle Delfino with her. And then he would go to jail for a crime he didn't commit in the most unfair, one sided, bias court trial in existance. He is eventually half-bailed out by Luigi, because he didn't have enough. His community service punishment is to clean the entire island.

It turns out, that Mario's shadow clone is actually Bowser's son Ludwig! He wanted to capture Peach because he thought she was his mother. Eventually, Mario recovers the Shine Sprites, cleans the island, and defeats Bowser once more. Ludwig finds out the truth, and aspires to defeat Mario, and capture princess Peach.

Meanwhile, an evil space alien (not a shroob) named Tatanga takes over Sarasaland, the kingdom owned by Peach's sister Daisy. Peach asks Mario to go and rescue her from him, as her country's economy is falling, and she doesn't have enough warriors to protect herself. Mario single handedly defeats the entire army, and saves Daisy, who eventually would fall for Luigi anyways.

Ludwig eventually became a teenager, also being the eldest of Bowser's 7 children. Bowser gave them each a part of the Mushroom Kingdom to conquer, and they willingly did so. Mario thwarted them all, AND Bowser.

Peach makes it up to him by giving him an entire island. He's a benovolent king in his castle, and Wario's jealous (of the island, not the niceness). One day, when, Mario leaves to visit his friends and family, he fills the ENTIRE island with baddies, and takes over the castle.

Mario comes back, kicks ass, and takes names. He reclaims his castle, and decides the stress is too much for him. He gives the island back to Wario, and goes back to normal life.

Peach tries a second attempt at a vacation, by inviting the Mario Brothers to a picnic in Yoshi's Island. Bowser thinks gleefully about how nostalgic his revenge will be, and unloads his massive army onto Yoshi's Island. While Mario and Luigi jump around, Princess Peach is kindnapped once more! He defeats the 7 koopalings again, and puts the hurt on Bowser some more.

Princess Toadstool is once again kidnapped by King Bowser, and once again, Mario goes to save her. He battles and defeats Bowser in his keep, but before he can untie the princess, a giant sword (named Exor) smashes through the roof of the castle, sending all three inside flying. He is the first of many enemies sent by Smithy to take over the mushroom world.

Mario lands in his house, and quickly learns that Bowser's keep wasn't the only thing that was smashed by Exor. The Star Road, a magical place where wishes are granted, was split into 7 pieces and the task has fallen to Mario to find them, as well as the Princess. Along the way he meets up with 4 other characters who will help him in this quest.

Mario eventually defeats Smithy, and heads home to his brother. A year later, someone replaces Peach's beautiful voice...WITH EXPLOSIVE VOCABULARY! Whatever she says explodes. So Mario (and Luigi, who is dragged into this adventure unwillingly) and Bowser set out to find who's responsible.

After long adventuring, they find out it was then CACKLETTA. After figuring out that the Peach with the voice changed was Birdo in a costume, everything slowly returns to normal.

..untill Bowser steals the star rod. He gains unimmaginable power and defeats Mario....for the time being. He would seek out the power of the star spirits, who help him defeat Bowser once again.

One day, something happens in the Mushroom kingdom, as time holes appear everywhere (coincidentally after the invention of E.Gadd's time machine). Luigi falls in one, and Mario jumps in to rescue him. Mario and Luigi meet up with their baby selves, and they have a repeat of what happened in their childhood.

Peach eventually buys a treasure map, and invites Mario to come to Rougeport with her.

...or atleast, that's MY take on the main story.

The game order my stories went in:

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Mario and Luigi: Partners In Time, Mario Teaches Typing, Wrecking Crew, Donkey Kong, Mario Bros., Super Mario Brothers 1, Super Mario 64 (DS), Luigi's Mansion, Super Mario Brothers 2, Mario Sports and Spinoffs, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Land, Super Mario Brothers 3, Mario Land 2, Super Mario World, Super Mario RPG, Mario and Luigi Paper Mario, Mario and Luigi 2(again), Paper Mario 2.
by Luigifan13 December 31, 2005

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