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A person who chooses to not shower regularly, and in turn thinks that using half a can of axe to cover up their body odor is perfectly acceptable, but actually makes them smell worse. Generally leaves nearby persons asphyxiated.
Person 1: What's that horrible smell?

Person 2: Nick just showered in his axe spray..

Person 1: Ew! I can't breathe...what an axefoliator!
by lucyluck September 12, 2012
That awkward moment when you're having a normal conversation with someone, and suddenly it dawns on you that they were lied to by someone you're closer to and you just countered what they said happened. The person's reaction usually starts with "I thought (this happened)". This is when you have to choose to backtrack on what you said to cover up someone else's lie, or throw that person under the bus.
Joe: Bob and I had so much fun on those roller coasters yesterday!

Betty: I thought Bob was at work yesterday...

Joe: Well..uh..he was! I meant the day before yesterday!

Later that day...

Bob: Joe totally reamed me out for lying about working...he knew you told a little white oops.
by Lucyluck September 12, 2012
The left behind dry erase pieces after wiping it away with your hand.
My whiteboard is covered in doodle slag...I'll have to windex it.
by Lucyluck September 12, 2012

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