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pant: an object in which you insert thy legs in. the pant is equiped with two tubes attached to a base cloth as said before you insert thy leg into the tubes then strap to thy waist. to transport object insert them into the brand new "pockets" these "pockets" are very useful to move objects in while thy hands are busy. pant comes in many colors and are very pretty.
I ARE THE PANT!!! is a silly example of pant
reason one: pant do not talk
reason two: if a pant did talk it would say i AM the pant not are... are is bad
reason three: if a pant could talk it would not publicise its self it would lock its self in a hard tomato and cry
by lucas Strader May 31, 2005
the word club has been known for a very very very long time,
back in the olden days a club was used to
1. beat things
2. hammer things
3. kill things
hammering things was not reconized until later when a man was killing something he realized that moving thy club in a up and down swinging motion it would move the obect being clubed down and if hit long enough would meld in to the earth. he found that it could hit a nail it too would move down. this bore the age of construction. killing things was probly the most useful of all for it got rid of enemies and too it fed.
in this new time club is refered to as a place where you can dance and meet people.
1.wow me club bashed five of dem four leged monsters. i be eatin good tonite!!

2.dude that new club down on bleacker st is hopping yes very hopping...

3.did you hear about the club fight at the club? this guy in a lioncloth was jumping and whooping as he bashed the bouncer with a wood club.
by Lucas Strader July 11, 2005
a nail is a object that has a flat head and pointy body. it is used for construction and with the club
that nail just got stuck in my hand...HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Lucas Strader July 11, 2005
the deamon of the toy world
it is a degrating devilish ploy to scare toy collecters everywhere...........WE WILL OVER COME!!!!!
that new carebear that i got my sister has been hissing at me and i swear that i saw it with a gun and a killing geasture across his neck.
by Lucas Strader July 12, 2005
a small vertical cut in cloth that can be used for a button
doctor my hand is stuck in my button slit and my hand is purple and bulging
by Lucas Strader July 12, 2005

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