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One that is a master in the Anal Arts.
Joe is always getting women to let him in the back door. He must be some kind of Brown Eye Jedi or something.
by Lt. Short Bus April 14, 2010
The Sleestak type of sounds that are heard from the sucking, hissing, and slurping sounds someone makes when tea bagging or sucking on your ball sack while giving head.
Damn, That girl was a regular Ball Sack Sleestak when she went to town on my shaved sack the other night. I had to look down to make sure it was still her and not some "Land Of The Lost" character!
by Lt. Short Bus April 22, 2010
Getting a Blowjob while taking a Shit and eating a Sandwich
I heard Darin pulled off the Triple Crown..He can take that off of his bucket list.
by Lt. Short Bus October 26, 2011

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