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What never should have gotten cancelled and what all of us fans miss so much.

We need to get this out.

It was the best part-time block on Cartoon Network back then.

Toonami was hosted by TOM and his crew. We got most of our anime this way.

Toonami showed awesome anime, old and new... like Yu Yu Hakusho, DragonBall, Sailor Moon, Hamtaro, Duel Masters, Bobobo, Pokemon Chronicles, Zatch Bell, Tenchi, Ruronui Kenshin, One Piece and of course, Naruto. There were even some anime movies.

Back in 2008, TOM, Sara and the others were forced to leave us. There was no warning, either.

Without Toonami, Cartoon Network sucks a lot. There's nothing to spark up Saturday nights.

And it's all of those snobby new rulers of Cartoon Network.

They took off Toonami just for the heck of it.

That's why we need Toonami back.

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Toonami should have stayed on Cartoon Network. A whole year of no Toonami is wrong.
by LoyalToonamiFans January 03, 2010

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